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This web application allows you to search through the works of Aquinas in both English and Latin. It allows you to do proximity word and phrase searches. For each result found, the paragraph containing the result will be displayed together with a link to the website where the full text can be found. Furthermore, if desired, one can save and categorize results in user defined groups of results.

Hindu to Atheist to Agnostic to Anglican to Catholic to Dominican to priest

A remarkable journey will reach a new stage on 15 July when Br Robert Krishna OP will be ordained a priest by Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP at St Benedict’s, Broadway.

Br Robert’s journey began in Bangalore, India. Originally a Hindu, he became an atheist at the age of 10, and in his late teens considered himself an agnostic.

When he was almost 18 he arrived in Australia and began a science degree at the University of Sydney, hoping to major in physics.

In 2001, about three years into his degree, he decided that mathematics was not his forte. At this time, he also began to suffer from depression.

Fr Bruno Cadoré makes a rare visit to Iran

The visit of frs Bruno and Vivian was brief but a very special occasion for us here in Tehran. It was repeatedly said to me afterwards that their presence was a wonderful reminder that we are not forgotten but are part of a greater family of brothers and sisters who remember us and pray for us. On the first evening, we went to visit a small group of the Chaldean/Assyrian community who had gathered for Mass with Archbishop Ramsi, a bishop who had studied with the Dominicans in Iraq. We joined them for tea afterwards and fr Bruno spoke to the people about his meeting with the Christian community in Iraq. Fr Bruno spoke in French which was then translated into Assyrian or modern Aramaic.

The Dominican Way of Life in Timor-Leste

Last April 19, 2017, the International Dominican Youth Movement (IDYM) Coordinator, Elijor Benjamin “Benz” Rodil together with Belen Tangco, OP (Philippines) and Theo Atmadi, OP (Indonesia) who represented the Dominican Laity visited the Dominican Family in Timor-Leste. They were welcomed by Fr. Ruben Martinez, OP (Representative of the Major Superiors of Timor Leste) and the Dominican sisters.

Meet Dominican friar who takes care of St. Jude relic

For Dominican Father Michael Ford, the history of salvation is contained in a chunk of bone.

Ford directs the Dominican Shrine of St. Jude Thaddeus at St. Pius V Church, 1910 S. Ashland Ave., and as such, he takes care of the shrine’s relic of the apostle, perhaps best known as the patron saint of lost causes, and brings it to parishes and schools around the country where he offers parish missions, retreats and other events.

Relics, he said, are “a way for people to grow in their faith. Catholicism isn’t crazy for doing this.”

Manuscripts saved from the Islamic State by a Dominican friar, to be exhibited in Rome

What motivated the Dominicans in the 18th century to establish a community at the heart of the Nineveh Plains? An exposition at the Dominican friary of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva in Rome, which runs until June 17, offers a collection of Iraqi manuscripts never shown to the public before—dating from between the 13th and 19th centuries—as well as exceptional photographs from the old photo archive of the Dominican friary in Mosul (Iraq).

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Dominican Nun goes to prison: “The power of prayer unites me with them”

Sr. Maria Grazia of the Dominican Monastery of “S. Maria della Neve e S. Domenico” at Pratovecchio, Arezzo in Italy visited her friends in prison as a gift for her 25th profession anniversary. Her is her testimony.

Six, seven, eight, nine, ten… Don’t worry, I haven’t lost my marbles! These are just the dates on which the verse from the Gospel, “I was in prison and you visited me”, came true for me. It’s true, I was able to visit the prisoners with whom I’ve been exchanging letters for several years. The Letter to the Hebrews says: Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them; and those who are ill-treated, since you also are in the body (Hebrews 13:3). This year I celebrate the 25th anniversary of my religious profession and I decided to ask my Prioress for a present – one that would make not only me, but my prisoner friends happy. She said yes provisionally, and the Master of the Order confirmed the permission.

Dominican Sisters make a Mission Trip to Haiti Mission

Early in the morning on Thursday, May 25, Sparkill’s Haiti Mission Team — a growing group of Sisters from multiple Dominican congregations and friends — left for their 2017 trip to Haiti. The team has much to accomplish on this trip, including checking the status of our building projects and water wells, training local community leaders who will run this summer’s kids’ camp in the town of Cuvier, delivering medicine and hygienic supplies, and assessing hurricane relief progress.

Sr. Valorie Lordi (Sparkill,) Sr. Pat Hogan (Sparkill,) Jackie Baptiste (Nurse at Dominican Convent in Sparkill and dear friend of the community,) and Sr. Eleanor Uhl (Domincian Sister of Caldwell,) are making the trip.

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