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Caucus members played a role in stopping the vote on the AHCA.
Posted: March 30, 2017, 10:13 pm
Only one passenger on the bus survived.
Posted: March 30, 2017, 7:26 pm
A convicted spy worked at the sanctioned Russian bank.
Posted: March 30, 2017, 6:02 pm
The motorcyclist whose fall was captured on video survived with minor injuries.
Posted: March 30, 2017, 3:13 pm
A downed power line in east Fort Worth was responsible for Wednesday evening's tragedy.
Posted: March 30, 2017, 10:02 am
Chris Christie's former associates sentenced for Bridgegate; Fire hero's life mission
Posted: March 30, 2017, 3:07 am
Tornado and severe thunderstorm watches in several states; Homecoming for 5-year-old cancer survivor
Posted: March 29, 2017, 3:37 am
Authorities foil alleged massacre planned for a DC-area school; Foster mom determined to give little girl her 'forever home'
Posted: March 28, 2017, 2:24 am
Robots could take more than 38 percent of US jobs in 15 years, report claims; Teenager receives special sweet 16 birthday present from her grandfather
Posted: March 27, 2017, 2:20 am
Newly released video appears to show assassination of Putin critic; A little boy from Kosovo travels to New York for life-changing heart surgery
Posted: March 26, 2017, 3:09 am
New developments in Wednesday's terror attack in London; Veteran becomes 1st double amputee in the US to become police officer
Posted: March 25, 2017, 3:01 am
Putin critic who defected to Ukraine killed in Kiev; Texas woman survives 5 days stranded in desert near Grand Canyon
Posted: March 24, 2017, 3:30 am
Officer on trial for the shooting of a 6-year-old boy in Louisiana; Tom Brady's stolen Super Bowl jersey found
Posted: March 23, 2017, 4:34 pm
Death of Timothy Caughman is suspected to be a hate crime; King of game shows Chuck Barris dies at age 87
Posted: March 23, 2017, 3:18 am
Supreme Court nominee faces tough questions from senators; New video appears to show moment Tom Brady's Super Bowl jersey was taken
Posted: March 22, 2017, 3:13 am
Person of the Week: Chef honors memory of firefighter friend one meal at a time.
Posted: March 20, 2017, 7:15 pm
Successful North Korean rocket engine ground test reported; Little girl rescued from Hurricane Katrina reunited with the airman who saved her
Posted: March 20, 2017, 2:50 am
Manhunt for teacher who allegedly abducted student; Deadly confrontation between police and an apparently unarmed man streamed live on Facebook
Posted: March 19, 2017, 2:07 am
Muir discusses the presidential election and why all voices should be heard.
Posted: March 9, 2017, 9:38 pm
Kaela Eads took a CPR class in high school and was able to save the life of a toddler.
Posted: March 4, 2017, 2:07 am
Jimmy Kimmel interviews "World News Tonight" Anchor David Muir on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Feb. 15. 2017.
Posted: February 17, 2017, 1:42 am
World News Tonight Anchor David Muir on Feb. 15, 2017, tells Jimmy Kimmel if you underestimate the audience, you do so at your own peril.
Posted: February 17, 2017, 1:17 am
President Trump speaks with ABC News anchor David Muir in his first one-on-one interview as commander in chief of the U.S.
Posted: February 13, 2017, 2:47 pm
This is a transcript of ABC News anchor David Muir’s interview with President Trump on Jan. 25, 2017.
Posted: February 13, 2017, 2:20 pm
This is a second transcript of ABC News anchor David Muir’s interview with President Trump on Jan. 25, 2017, as they walked the White House grounds.
Posted: January 28, 2017, 12:14 pm
Paige Birgfeld went missing in 2007.
Posted: March 30, 2017, 2:17 pm
Missing Mom's Car Found Abandoned and Engulfed in Flames; Missing Mom Had Secret Side Business as an Escort; Judge Declares Mistrial in Slain Escort Mom Case
Posted: March 30, 2017, 2:09 pm
Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring were killed by Charles Manson's followers in 1969.
Posted: March 27, 2017, 10:16 pm
Gianna and Samantha Rucki ran away from home in 2013.
Posted: March 27, 2017, 1:38 pm
Sisters Disappear During Parents' Bitter Custody, Divorce Battle; Man Reveals He Was With Mom When She Picked Up Runaway Daughters; Mom Says She Will Continue to Fight to See Her Children
Posted: March 26, 2017, 6:59 am
Teen says she came home and found mom covered in blood; Prosecution claims woman killed mom for trying to stop her party lifestyle; Noura Jackson adjusts to life outside after being in prison for mom's murder
Posted: March 25, 2017, 7:23 am
Rather than go through another trial, Noura Jackson signed an Alford plea, and after 15 months, she was released from prison.
Posted: March 25, 2017, 7:14 am
Noura Jackson's father Nazmi Hassanieh was killed in 2004, though his murder has never been solved.
Posted: March 25, 2017, 7:11 am
Another suggested motive was that Noura Jackson wanted money allegedly left behind by her father.
Posted: March 25, 2017, 7:11 am
Noura Jackson was 18 when she found the body of her mother Jennifer Jackson, who had been stabbed 50 times.
Posted: March 25, 2017, 7:11 am
"Noura's blood was not at the crime scene. And Jennifer's blood was not on Noura," says defense attorney Valerie Corder.
Posted: March 25, 2017, 7:10 am
Noura Jackson, a Tennessee woman who went to prison as a teenager for years after being convicted of murdering her mother, maintains that she is innocent of the crime.
Posted: March 25, 2017, 6:59 am
"He said, 'You can't leave the group,'" recalled Mike Love.
Posted: March 20, 2017, 6:02 pm
Charles Manson's tumultuous childhood and time in prison; What happened the night Sharon Tate was murdered by Charles Manson's followers; Where Charles Manson and his followers are today
Posted: March 18, 2017, 11:28 am
Watch the two-hour documentary on the gruesome crime sprees committed by Charles Manson and his cult of devoted followers. "Truth and Lies: The Family Manson" - Inside the Eyes of Madness' airs Friday, March 17 at 9/8c
Posted: March 16, 2017, 11:41 am
Teens who say they were sent away because they were gay; The Bible and the belt; Taking the stand
Posted: March 11, 2017, 12:27 pm
FSU Law Professor Found Shot in the Head at His Home; Police Interview Murdered FSU Professor's Ex-Wife; Prosecutor Says Not Enough Evidence to Charge Family in Murder
Posted: March 5, 2017, 1:19 pm
Man Calls Police Claiming Wife Shot Herself in the Head; Police Suspect Man's Wife Didn't Commit Suicide, But Was Murdered
Posted: March 1, 2017, 8:29 pm
'Life, Animated' Documentary Follows Child's Life With Autism; Dad Realized He Could Talk to Son With Autism With Cartoon Characters; 'Life, Animated' Star Meets Voices of His Favorite Characters
Posted: February 26, 2017, 3:56 pm
Man Reports Wife Missing Two Days After She Disappeared; Autopsy Reveals Missing Woman Had High Levels of Date Rape Drug; Jury Finds Husband Guilty of Wife's Murder
Posted: February 26, 2017, 8:35 am
'Shark Tank' sharks reveal their biggest deals made in the tank; The stories of 'Shark Tank' products made in America; Where these 'Shark Tank' companies are today
Posted: February 25, 2017, 12:15 pm
O.J. Simpson: Inside the Case of the Defense 'Dream Team'; Hear O.J. Simpson Speak For the First Time Under Oath
Posted: February 19, 2017, 6:41 am
The horrific day Leanna Taylor found out her son was dead; Police start to suspect Justin Ross Harris after son's death; Why Leanna Taylor took the stand in ex-husband's defense
Posted: February 18, 2017, 4:57 pm
Posted: January 21, 2017, 4:49 am
Adjusting to life after being rescued from the torments of Phillip Garrido.
Posted: August 25, 2014, 9:42 pm
Nancy Garrido videotapes a parole officer as he conducts a surprise search.
Posted: August 25, 2014, 9:40 pm
The system failed despite Garrido being a known sex offender and being monitored
Posted: August 25, 2014, 9:37 pm
Lisa Campbell and Ally Jacobs look into Phillip Garrido's past after public rant
Posted: August 25, 2014, 9:33 pm
Over 18 years, officials fail to detect a crime right under their noses.
Posted: August 25, 2014, 9:31 pm
While held captive she gives birth to two girls.
Posted: August 25, 2014, 9:29 pm
Phillip Garrido's wife is introduced bearing dolls and chocolate as gifts.
Posted: August 25, 2014, 9:26 pm
Handcuffed in the backyard, her attacker, Phillip Garrido, is her only contact.
Posted: August 25, 2014, 9:24 pm
Abducted by strangers and held captive for 18 years.
Posted: August 25, 2014, 9:22 pm
Jaycee Dugard revels in saying her name, a name she wasn't allowed to utter or even write for 18 years while she was held captive by Phillip and Nancy Garrido. Dugard chose to tell her story in a new memoir and in an exclusive interview with ABC News' Diane Sawyer because she wants to live free of Phillip Garrido's secrets.
Posted: May 7, 2013, 2:26 pm
On her first trip to New York City, Jaycee Dugard attended a star-studded awards ceremony, took in a Broadway play and was awed by the city's skyscrapers. But for her, the most memorable part of the trip was going for pizza. "Just walking down the street. With everybody. It was my favorite moment," Dugard told ABC News' Diane Sawyer in an exclusive interview.
Posted: March 14, 2012, 4:26 pm
Jaycee Dugard says she doesn't want to live in the past.
Posted: March 13, 2012, 5:47 pm
Authorities visited the home of Phillip Garrido at least 60 times and still somehow missed the hidden compound housing Jaycee Dugard and her two daughters. There were even reports that neighbors and residents alerted authorities to sightings of Dugard and the fact that children were living in tents in the convicted sex offender's backyard. Experts say there are several things you can look for to help a missing or exploited child.
Posted: August 22, 2011, 1:52 pm
Jaycee Dugard has powerful memories from the last 20 years, 18 of them spent as a prisoner of kidnappers Phillip and Nancy Garrido. Yet, some of the most overwhelming memories come from her first two years of freedom which she and her children have spent reunited with her mother.
Posted: July 25, 2011, 12:57 pm
The Jaycee Dugard case is a story of more than two decades of failures by three separate governmental entities that were supposed to supervise Phillip Garrido, the registered sex offender who would hold Dugard captive for 18 years. Here are some of their most glaring alleged mistakes.
Posted: July 18, 2011, 2:44 pm
Jaycee Dugard has formed the JAYC Foundation to help families of abduction. Dugard, kidnapped at 11 and held captive for 18 years, has spent her first two years of freedom healing with her family. She now wants to help other families do the same.
Posted: July 12, 2011, 12:06 am
They are words of courtesy and encouragement that have come back to haunt Mark Messner: "I hope that you will continue to do well. If there is anything we can help you with in the future, do not hesitate to contact our office." Messner, a senior U.S. probation office who works for the California's nothern district probation office, included those sentences in a May 17, 1999 letter to Phillip Garrido, the man later convicted of kidnapping, raping and holding Jaycee Dugard captive for 18 years.
Posted: July 11, 2011, 3:19 pm
Exclusive home video: Garrido's wife filmed an officer touring Garrido home.
Posted: July 11, 2011, 1:54 pm
Jaycee Dugard describes giving birth and mothering her daughters in Phillip Garrido's backyard prison. In an exclusive interview with ABC News' Diane Sawyer, Dugard and her mother, Terry Probyn, recount the hope they held of being reunited with one another after Dugard was kidnapped by Phillip and Nancy Garrido in 1991 and held captive for 18 years.
Posted: July 11, 2011, 4:00 am
Fifteen years before the abduction of Jaycee Dugard, Katie Callaway Hall was a kidnap and rape victim of Philip Garrido.
Posted: July 10, 2011, 10:36 am
Hall says she was shocked, frightened by Phillip Garrido's early parole.
Posted: July 10, 2011, 10:35 am
Calif. Inspector General: Feds knew more about Garrido land than state did.
Posted: July 8, 2011, 12:40 pm
Marcus Wesson indoctrinated his family of 20 into believing that he was God. In his crazed brand of religion, incessant beatings, molestations, incest and even suicide were good because their father said so.
Posted: July 7, 2010, 12:15 pm
For about 60 high-achieving professionals, gathered from around the country in Sedona, AZ, last fall, it was to be a 5-day retreat, called the "Spiritual Warrior," the culmination of their guru's teachings, to be capped by an intense sweat lodge "re-birthing" on the final day. Instead, for three of them, their spiritual journey went horribly wrong, ending in their deaths, after the ceremonial sauna became too hot to bear. One man was badly burned and dozens of others were hospitalized that day last October. Guru James Arthur Ray, then one of the biggest names in the $11 billion industry of self-help, is now awaiting trial in Arizona on three counts of manslaughter. His was a spectacular rise and fall.
Posted: June 29, 2010, 10:28 pm
University of Northern Texas student Melanie Goodwin stopped at a convenience store to pick up a snack, where she crossed paths with Ernesto Reyes. The next day police found her body burned, her car abandoned. They hunted down murder suspect Ernesto Reyes.
Posted: July 10, 2009, 9:24 pm
These frogs have long been used by tribes for their supposedly powerful healing properties.
Posted: March 30, 2017, 5:23 pm
But some doctors are questioning if the claims are too good to be true.
Posted: March 30, 2017, 3:30 pm
Even in Las Vegas, a place where anything can happen, the story of Susan Winters’ death is shocking.
Posted: March 29, 2017, 3:50 pm
Katey Sagal was the heartbeat of the popular '80s sitcom "Married... With Children" for 11 years.
Posted: March 27, 2017, 5:52 pm
Kelley Clayton was found brutally murdered inside her Elmira, New York, home.
Posted: March 27, 2017, 4:38 pm
By all accounts, Erika Anderson’s wedding was perfect.
Posted: March 24, 2017, 7:00 pm
There’s a grim history of teachers abusing those in their care, turning a “school girl crush” into something sinister, which Jenny Kutner knows firsthand.
Posted: March 24, 2017, 2:15 pm has set up shop at an 18,000-acre ranch in Uvalde, Texas, about two hours west of San Antonio, where people can take control of real tanks.
Posted: March 22, 2017, 2:33 pm
Immigrants who were once desperate to get into the United States are now doing everything in their power to get out, risking it all to illegally cross the border again –
Posted: March 15, 2017, 6:57 pm
Until three years ago, Crystal Bassette, a 33-year-old mother of three, was a porn star.
Posted: March 15, 2017, 10:02 am
Co-Anchor, Nightline
Posted: March 14, 2017, 8:18 pm
"Nightline" producers traveled to Cambodia to report on child sex slaves.
Posted: March 14, 2017, 4:02 pm
For Kalief Browder, justice wasn’t simply blind, it betrayed him.
Posted: March 9, 2017, 4:43 am
Braelynn Dalsing's adoptive parents may have to return her.
Posted: March 4, 2017, 8:52 am
This critical moment in history for trans-Americans coincides with the debut of ABC’s new miniseries, “When We Rise.”
Posted: March 2, 2017, 2:51 pm
Kentucky, the land of bluegrass, bourbon, horse racing and coal mining that went for Trump this past election, has held up as an example of Obamacare’s success.
Posted: February 28, 2017, 3:04 pm
After months of being stuck overseas, a 4-year-old Syrian girl was joyfully reunited with her family in the United States on Friday.
Posted: February 26, 2017, 12:21 pm
How my reporting got me kicked out of the country.
Posted: February 15, 2017, 7:15 pm
Co-Anchor, Nightline
Posted: February 13, 2017, 3:05 pm
Juju Chang is an Emmy Award-winning co-anchor of ABC News’ “Nightline.” She also reports regularly for “Good Morning America” and “20/20.”
Posted: February 13, 2017, 3:05 pm
Posted: February 13, 2017, 3:04 pm
Posted: February 13, 2017, 3:03 pm
President Trump’s executive order suspended the entry of any refugees to the U.S. for 120 days, separating hundreds of people.
Posted: February 13, 2017, 2:44 pm
Posted: December 20, 2016, 8:50 pm
Plus, a 7-year-old basketball prodigy gets a surprise visit from a Harlem Globetrotter live on "GMA."
Posted: March 30, 2017, 9:41 pm
Matt Damon says his best friend, Ben Affleck, is doing "fantastic" following his stint in rehab for alcohol addiction.
Posted: March 30, 2017, 9:34 pm
Actress Jordana Brewster stopped by ABC News on Thursday to talk about the new "Lethal Weapon" series, "The People v. O. J. Simpson" and of course her long run in the "Fa
Posted: March 30, 2017, 9:21 pm
Janet Haines, 91, has helped children in Falls Church, Virginia, safely cross streets since 1967.
Posted: March 30, 2017, 7:21 pm
“She got a big smile and she refused to move on to another present."
Posted: March 30, 2017, 6:55 pm
Anna and Elsa weren't sisters in the first iteration.
Posted: March 30, 2017, 6:39 pm
Winter is here.
Posted: March 30, 2017, 6:36 pm
Singer and actress famously dropped 80 pounds after joining Weight Watchers.
Posted: March 30, 2017, 5:54 pm
"You can see the thrill and excitement in her eyes," her dad told "GMA."
Posted: March 30, 2017, 5:43 pm
Spoilers about the big episode.
Posted: March 30, 2017, 4:28 pm
Choreographer abruptly quit the hit reality show earlier this week.
Posted: March 30, 2017, 4:05 pm
The "Friends" actor discusses his role in the upcoming mini-series "The Kennedys: After Camelot."
Posted: March 30, 2017, 3:56 pm
Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
Posted: March 30, 2017, 2:20 pm
"Gettin' un-broken," he wrote early Thursday morning, with an IV in hand.
Posted: March 30, 2017, 2:15 pm
7-year-old Samaya Clark-Gabriel gets a visit from one of the team's players.
Posted: March 30, 2017, 2:04 pm
The reality TV star said earlier this week that she's quitting the show.
Posted: March 29, 2017, 9:50 pm
One kindergartner undergoing cancer treatment is able to "attend" class, thanks to the help of artificial intelligence.
Posted: March 29, 2017, 8:23 pm
ABC News' political director, Rick Klein, talks with Cecilia Vega and Mary Bruce about reports saying Rep. Devin Nunes received information on incidental surveillance.
Posted: March 30, 2017, 9:17 pm
"The View" co-hosts discuss President Trump's strategies to get the bill passed.
Posted: March 30, 2017, 8:35 pm
"The View" co-hosts discuss women working in Donald Trump's administration, including Ivanka Trump in her new official position.
Posted: March 30, 2017, 8:34 pm
A rush transcript for "This Week" on March 26, 2017.
Posted: March 27, 2017, 11:52 am
A rush transcript for "This Week" on March 26, 2017.
Posted: March 27, 2017, 11:52 am
Rep. Mark Meadows said there's no talk of replacing the House speaker.
Posted: March 27, 2017, 2:33 am
Says "you can't tweet your way through" the presidency.
Posted: March 27, 2017, 2:28 am
New EPA chief Scott Pruitt also called the Paris climate accord "a bad deal."
Posted: March 26, 2017, 7:19 pm
Guests: Mark Meadows, Chuck Schumer, Roger Stone, Scott Pruitt, Alex Castellanos, Matt Dowd, Maggie Haberman, Jon Karl
Posted: March 26, 2017, 5:39 pm
Moss played guitar at more than 45 Trump rallies during the campaign.
Posted: March 26, 2017, 1:23 am
Guests: Christopher Ruddy, Joaquin Castro, Will Hurd, Tom Price, Rand Paul, Terry Moran, Maggie Haberman, Roland Martin and Sara Fagen.
Posted: March 19, 2017, 5:59 pm
A rush transcript for "This Week" on March 19, 2017.
Posted: March 19, 2017, 2:59 pm
A rush transcript for "This Week" on March 12, 2017.
Posted: March 13, 2017, 11:09 am
Guests: Mike Mulvaney, Tom Cotton, Adam Schiff, Elijah Cummings, Rich Lowry, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Kristin Soltis Anderson, and Jamal Simmons.
Posted: March 12, 2017, 6:54 pm
Guests: Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Josh Earnest, Michael Mukasey, Al Franken, Matt Down, Dan Balz, Jennifer Jacobs
Posted: March 5, 2017, 7:55 pm
Guests: Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Jim Jordan, Tom Perez, Stephanie Cutter, Amy Holmes, Robert Reich, David Remnick, Matt Schlapp
Posted: February 26, 2017, 6:52 pm
Guests: Rand Paul, Adam Schiff, Corey Lewandowski, Robby Mook
Posted: February 19, 2017, 7:51 pm
George Stephanopoulos is the anchor of "GMA," ABC News' chief political correspondent and host ABC's preeminent Sunday morning political affairs program, "This Week
Posted: February 13, 2017, 9:52 pm
President Trump speaks with ABC News anchor David Muir in his first one-on-one interview as commander in chief of the U.S.
Posted: February 13, 2017, 2:47 pm
Guests: Stephen Miller, Elijah Cummings, Bob Ferguson, Cokie Roberts, Grover Norquist, Jamal Simmons, Rich Lowry, Katrina vanden Heuvel
Posted: February 12, 2017, 6:05 pm
Guests: Mike Pence, Amy Klobuchar, Ben Sasse, Matt Dowd, Sara Fagen, Andre Carson, Tom Cole, Jennifer Palmieri
Posted: February 5, 2017, 6:08 pm
Guests: Sean Spicer, Mitch McConnell, Robert Gates, Seth Moulton, Kristen Soltis Anderson, Dan Balz, LZ Granderson
Posted: January 29, 2017, 7:21 pm
Guests: Kellyanne Conway, Chuck Schumer, John McCain, Cokie Roberts, Stephanie Cutter, Alex Castellanos, Matt Dowd, Jon Karl
Posted: January 22, 2017, 7:27 pm
Guests: Bernie Sanders, Reince Priebus, Norman Eisen, Richard Painter, Jason Chaffetz, Cornell Belcher, Sara Fagen, Jonathan Karl, Bill Kristol, Katrina vanden Heuvel
Posted: January 15, 2017, 6:57 pm
President Obama talks with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos about his eight years in office, Donald Trump and more.
Posted: January 8, 2017, 5:36 pm
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