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The end game appears to be passing some kind of measure to set up negotiations with the House.
Author: Kelsey Snell
Every unhappy four-legged animal sounded unhappy in a similar way.
Author: Ben Guarino
Officer Wenjian Liu's father said his “heart is filled with joy."
Author: Herman Wong
How to tax capital is one of the most important unresolved issues for the Democratic Party after its bruising defeat in November's election.
Author: Max Ehrenfreund
If the House and Senate can’t resolve their fate, they must extend FAA funding by Sept. 30 deadline.
Author: Ashley Halsey III
With a broad tax reform effort hitting resistance, some in the White House are looking for a more narrow victory.
Author: Damian Paletta
The Washington Post's David Ignatius asked Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) about President Trump's tweets banning transgender individuals from the military on July 25. "I don't really respond to a daily basis to tweets that are coming out," Corker said. "We'll look into it fully."
Author: Damian Paletta
An NAACP task force that traveled to seven cities taking testimony about charters and inner-city public education releases its final report. Here's what it says.
Author: Valerie Strauss
How are sharks amazing? Let us count the ways.
Author: Sarah Kaplan
President Trump says he's "disappointed" in Sessions, "we'll see" whether he'll get fired.
Author: Christopher Ingraham
It was widely reported that the rare bottles of Madeira were acquired to celebrate Adams's victory over Thomas Jefferson in the country's first contested presidential election. But that's not likely, wine experts say.
Author: Ian Shapira
Here is a guide to health-care measures lawmakers are likely to consider, with surprises still possible.
Author: Amy Goldstein
A medical examiner said his cause of death was related to alcoholism.
Author: Alex Horton
Republicans now see a “skinny repeal” as their best shot at accomplishing something.
Author: Sean Sullivan
Ohio has not carried out an execution since an unusually long lethal injection in 2014.
Author: Mark Berman
Scores of therapies are being tested for glioblastoma, McCain's kind of brain cancer, which usually recurs.
Author: Laurie McGinley
Brian C. Rosenberg, president of Macalester College, writes that it's not just liberal college campuses leading young people to think a certain way.
Author: Brian C. Rosenberg
Measles is an extremely contagious viral infection. Here are five things you should know.
Author: Brian C. Rosenberg
President Trump delivered a speech to his supporters in Youngstown, Ohio on July 25.
Author: Brian C. Rosenberg
President Trump made 29 claims that were false, misleading or flip-flops between his two rallies.
Author: Brian C. Rosenberg
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