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Russian leader suggests a face-to-face at July G-20 meeting in Germany or later in Finland.
Author: Karen DeYoung
President Trump has accused former president Barack Obama of ordering a wiretap on him, adding that “this is McCarthyism!” Here’s where this word came from.
Author: Karen DeYoung
There are about three dozen members of the Freedom Caucus, most of them in comfortably solid Republican districts.
Author: John Wagner
The Billy Graham rule hurts women more than it helps men.
Author: Laura Turner
The replacement measure has been assailed by gay rights groups, who said it falls short of a full repeal.
Author: Mark Berman
Astronaut Peggy Whitson also set a record during the seven-hour spacewalk, NASA said.
Author: Amy B Wang
Prosecutors close investigation into Bannon’s claims that he lived in Florida homes
Author: Shawn Boburg
No state exemplifies this disparity more than New Hampshire.
Author: Philip Bump
Superintendent says Montgomery high schools will be assessed first, starting in early April.
Author: Donna St. George
Various state bills could result in bathroom restrictions for transgender students.
Author: Moriah Balingit
After 12 years of racy ads, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee's want you to look at a different set of buns
Author: Abha Bhattarai
Senior U.S. military officials have sought leeway to approve strikes more quickly.
Author: Dan Lamothe
This might be helpful to President Trump, a golfer who wants to run government more like a business.
Author: Jena McGregor
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) told the Senate Intelligence Committee on March 30, that former members of his presidential campaign faced unsuccessful hacking attempts at least twice in the past year.
Author: Jena McGregor
Experts also told a Senate panel that the president’s actions are helping Russian propaganda succeed.
Author: Karoun Demirjian
In the face of economic pressure, North Carolina lawmakers voted March 30 to repeal and replace the state's controversial bathroom law. Here's what you need to know.
Author: Karoun Demirjian
The MAVEN spacecraft finds that solar wind blew away the atmosphere of Mars.
Author: Joel Achenbach
A new study traces the ripple effects of federal research funding.
Author: Carolyn Y. Johnson
Xiaoyuan Zhang, a Chinese national, was caught taking surreptitious videos of women using the bathroom in an Arizona State University campus building.
Author: Amy B Wang
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