Days after the incidents, rescuers are still pulling bodies from the rubble.
Author: Loveday Morris
Conspiracy theories and online hate are stoking the surge in right-wing violence.
Author: Anthony Faiola
The future of cross-border police cooperation and intelligence sharing are uncertain.
Author: Isaac Stanley-Becker
The Republican senator, at a conference in Brussels, also urged the president to “stop tweeting” and reach out to Democrats.
Author: Michael Birnbaum
“You cannot fight extremism by putting a community with its back against the wall,” said one local Muslim.
Author: Rick Noack
Some Muslims in London say they are caught between their desire to help the victims of terrorist attacks and feeling as if they have to apologize for them.
Author: Jennifer Hassan
Oslo has a new tool for parents.
Author: Amanda Erickson
The foreign minister is seeking more information from Washington, which has called the action routine.
Author: Annie Gowen
Investigators want to know why Khalid Masood went on a rampage, and whether he had help.
Author: Karla Adam
The ousted leader left a military hospital Friday and went to his home in an upscale Cairo suburb, dashing the hopes of many Egyptians who had opposed his regime.
Author: Sudarsan Raghavan
Prosecutors were biased and hasty in concluding that Andreas Lubitz acted deliberately, according to his family.
Author: Stephanie Kirchner
How has your life changed since the Justice and Development Party, or AKP, came to power in 2002?
Author: Washington Post Staff
The White House expressed its concerns over settlement activities, while Israel said it would take the concerns under consideration.
Author: Carol Morello
How an ordinary day in London swerved into horror.
Author: Isaac Stanley-Becker
The Kremlin denied any links to the slaying of Russian Denis Voronenkov, a former lawmaker, in Kiev.
Author: Andrew Roth
Khalid Masood, a 52-year-old British citizen, had a criminal record but had not been convicted of any terrorism offenses.
Author: Karla Adam
British and U.S. forces battled for years to keep the Sangin district out of Taliban hands.
Author: Pamela Constable
The allegations, which Abe strongly denies, are hurting the previously unassailable leader.
Author: Anna Fifield
Technical issues had prevented the salvage of the ferry, which claimed 304 lives when it sank.
Author: Anna Fifield
Israel took no steps to comply with a Security Council call to stop all settlement activity in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, and instead authorized “a high rate” of settlement expansions in violation of international law, the United Nations said Friday.
Author: Edith M. Lederer | AP
Hong Kong’s next leader will be chosen Sunday by an election committee stacked with pro-Beijing elites who heed the wishes of China’s communist leaders rather than the semiautonomous region’s voters.
Author: Kelvin Chan | AP
Days after South Korea’s president was removed from office, a ferry was lifted slowly from the waters where it sank three years earlier — a disaster that killed more than 300 people, mostly schoolchildren, and ignited public fury against Park Geun-hye and became a nationally polarizing issue.
Author: Hyung-Jin Kim | AP
Large protests have spread throughout French Guiana, blocking roads to neighboring Brazil and Suriname and prompting the U.S. government to issue a travel warning Friday for the French territory in South America.
Author: Pieter Van Maele | AP
Salvage crews towed a corroded 6,800-ton South Korean ferry and loaded it onto a semi-submersible transport vessel Saturday, completing what was seen as the most difficult part of the massive effort to bring the ship back to shore.
Author: Kim Tong-Hyung | AP
Hazardous, heavily polluting tanneries, with workers as young as 14, supplied leather to companies that make shoes and handbags for a host of Western brands, a nonprofit group that investigates supply chains says.
Author: Martha Mendoza and Julhas Alam | AP
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