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This page allows people to submit prayer requests, and at least twice a day these prayers are remembered.

To this end, we always pray for you. 2 Thessalonians 1:11

You can use the form below to submit a prayer.  You can also submit prayer requests by using the email  To pray for others, go to the “Pray for Others page, or scroll down to see prayer requests.  To give thanks for prayers answered, go to the “Prayers answered” page.

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Below are the prayers that have been requested by others.  You can also choose to join those praying for these requests.


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  • Prayers for health for Katie and Dan

    Prayers for health for Katie who has had 2 rough years with her health.
    Prayers for Dan that he will continue to be cancer free.

  • Hurricane Maria

    For those in the Carribean that will be impacted by Hurricane Maria, especially those places that have already faced destruction from Hurricanes this year.

  • Earthquake

    For all those impacted by the earthquake in Mexico.

  • Condolences

    For the repose of the soul of a young man who died suddenly.

  • St. Louis

    For peace and calm in Saint Louis, and an end to racism.

  • Prayer Request

    I would like to pray for my discernment for the priesthood.

  • prayers

    My Grandma. Help her through her last surgery

  • prayer for world peace

    Praying for greater peace around the world and that people get along.

  • Prayer for a friend

    My good friend has gotten some kind of illness and hasn't gotten any better

  • Prayer for Football

    Please keep me and my football teammates in your prayers. We have a really tough division rival coming up, and we need all the prayers that we can get.

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