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Faith: Homily for Saturday, July 1, 2017

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Readings for Today

Do you have faith? Do you really believe God can do anything? Do you really believe that God will always do what is best?  Obviously, the thought that an old woman can have a child is remarkable indeed? It is so unbelievable that Sarah laughs. Abraham laughs.  But the Lord comes through, as always.  Faith is rewarded. Abraham and Sarah listen and ultimately believe.

What seems impossible in faith? What is it that seems unimaginable? Can you believe in God even when it is difficult?  When it is hard? Today’s readings remind us that for people of faith, God can do anything.

Help me to see: Homily for Friday, June 9, 2017

Yesterday we saw the prayers of Sarah being answered.  Today, it is the prayer of Tobit.  But was the most important prayer really the regaining of his sight? Or, was it rather the realization that his son had embraced the faith so important to him?  Was it because he could see physically, or was it that he could see with pride how the grace of God was active in his own son’s life, and indeed in his own life?

Realization of the presence of God is amazing indeed.  Life in fact, seems so much clearer when we can see the events of our lives unfold not simply with our physical eyes, but also with the eyes of our soul.  It is this type of sight that often accounts for our ability to prioritize, to make important, and to determine the path of holiness which leads us to God.

Holy Suffering: Homily for Wednesday, June 7, 2017

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Readings for Today

There are moments in life where we find ourselves at a desperate place.  At these times, it seems that there is simply nothing more we can do.  They can be moments of such suffering that we are not even sure if we can bear it.  At other times, it is the result of such hardships that it seems too much.  It can be illness, tragedy, death, ruin, whatever.  What is it that can make suffering something that does not destroy but rather gives life?  Is there such a thing as holy suffering?

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