Homily for Friday, September 26, 2014

Readings for Today

The experience of most people of the first reading might very well by the song by The Byrds, Turn, Turn, Turn. The message of this passage seems very clear. Things must be done at the right time. And life is a series of events that provide the need for different reactions depending on circumstance.

The quest in this book is to make sense of “ordinary” events in life. By “ordinary” it should not imply insignificant, but rather that the types of events listed occur to almost everyone at one time or another. The question then, when someone dies, for example, is “What now?”

People face life changing events all of the time. A major diagnosis of a terminal illness. The information needed is not simply technical medical information, but is also, to discover what this means for life now. When a significant relationship breaks up, the question is one of meaning. What does this mean now?

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