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Homily for Monday, August 24, 2015

Sometimes we can feel that simply “being a good person” is enough. And certainly, it is a good start. But our faith really calls us to be something more than simply “a good person” because there is something so much greater in store for us when we open our hearts to a relationship with Jesus.

Too often I think we settle for too less when we think of Jesus. We can be people that hope we squeeze into heaven, or we can limit heaven simply to a large family reunion, or we can think that every body goes to heaven regardless of what they do.

But today’s readings remind us that not only can our lives be better today if we seek a deep relationship with Jesus, the promise held out to us is magnificent indeed. I am learning that more and more too many Catholics are not thinking about the possibility that we can have a real, life-giving, authentic, personal relationship with Jesus. But such is the promise of the readings today. Don’t sell God short.

The first reading describes the beauty of the next life. Using familiar terms of opulence and excess, we are reminded that nothing can possibly compare to the tremendous reality of heaven. The reality is, that heaven is far more than we can possibly imagine. Saint Paul tells this to the Corinthians. It has not even dawned in their hearts (and ours) what God has prepared for us if we love God and enter authentically into a relationship with him.

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