Red Sox Notes

A look around at things being said about the Red Sox for the week of July 14, 2014.

‘Nervous’ Koji fans one in All-Star Game debut

MINNEAPOLIS — Even for a man who closed out last year’s World Series with a strikeout, the spectacle of the All-Star Game seemed daunting.

So Koji Uehara made it easy for manager John Farrell. The righty told Farrell he didn’t want the ball in the ninth inning.

“I asked the manager not to be in that kind of situation,” Uehara said.

Farrell, managing his first All-Star Game as a reward for the Red Sox making it to the World Series last year, played to the home crowd and handed the save opportunity to Twins closer Glen Perkins. The righty converted with a 1-2-3 ninth to finish off a 5-3 victory for the American League. Read more . . .

Extra Bases: Grading the Red Sox: All Star Break Edition

It’s the All-Star break, which means that while we all take these blissful few days of respite from the flaming trainwreck that is the Red Sox’ 2014 season, we still have to hand our first half grades. Now let’s get it over with so we can go back to not wringing hands over this mess until the proceedings resume Friday night at Fenway.  Read more . . .

At Midseason, Werner and Red Sox Have Backed Themselves Into a Corner

The real truth, of course, is that the Red Sox overplayed their hand from the very beginning. In the wake of their inspiring 2013 World Series win, the Red Sox put a little too much emphasis on the future and not enough on the present. They saw the opening for another bridge year and they happily took it.

And you know who pays the toll?

You.  Read more . . .

An Obligatory Giancarlo Stanton-to-the-Red Sox Column, Because it’s Been Far Too Long

Wait, what? Is it true that Giancarlo Stanton didn’t hit a single home run in his final go-round in the Home Run Derby last night?

It is? Well, see now? Do you get it? Haven’t I been telling you all along he’d fit perfectly in this Red Sox lineup? These jokers don’t hit any home runs either.  Read more . . .

Pondering futures of Lester, Uehara

All-Star inspired musings about Jon Lester and Koji Uehara, while anticipating that the engagement of Will Middlebrooks to Jenny Dell may soon be dwarfed by the renewal of vows between the Red Sox and Lester.  Read more . . .