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What is Lectio Divina?

What is Lectio Divina (Taken from the website of the Dominican Order)

Lectio divina (Divine Reading) is more than a method of prayer. It is an encounter with the Word of God in which a person is lead into a deeper awareness of the mystery of God as well as himself/herself. It is a graced event that centers on listening.

Granted we may have lost the skill and art of listening on many levels, nonetheless, it is one of the primary ways in which God converses with us. Lectio divina improves the way we listen with all of our senses while at the same time it calls into question the filters we use when listening.

This is perhaps the greatest challenge of lectio divina: our own conversion. One central key to a fruitful lectio divinia is simply repetition. The more a person engages in lectio divina, the more he or she strengths the habit of listening to the particular word that God is speaking to him or her in a very personal manner. This ‘word’ may not be a word at all but an assurance of Divine Providence and Presence that guides a person through the various joys and struggles of life.

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