2nd Monday of Advent: Quenching your dry thirst (December 5, 2016)

When was the last time you felt really thirsty?  When was the last time your mouth was really dry? At the gym, maybe? During a very hot summer day?  It is not pleasant to be thirsty.  Dry mouths are uncomfortable.  Today’s reading from Isaiah speaks about both dryness, and about quenching.  Streams burst forth in deserts.  Dryness yields to quenched thirst.  Sin and emptiness are forgiven and filled by God.

This is the beauty of this season of Advent.  God comes to us.  It is not our hard work primarily, but rather our readiness to receive the presence of God when he comes.  Are you ready for God? Is this the time to have those dry areas of your life made rich?  Make this the time where your faith grows rich because of your openness to the grace of God.

Readings for Today