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Life: Homily for Monday, January 23, 2017

Today is the prayer for the legal protection of the unborn. Life. Surely there are not many more divisive issues than abortion. Those on both sides can feel passionate about the issue. Sometimes, this passion is misplaced in the ways we talk about each other. We can use very hostile words that prevent any discussion. But what struck me in watching the women’s march were some of the horrible signs people carried. One said, “If Mary had had an abortion we would not have this problem.” Another said, “A Baby should not be the punishment for sex.” I was stunned at the level of vitriol in these two signs.

What surprises me is how this is the tenor of a march for women. What was clear is organisers saw no place for women who did not believe in abortion. Sad. Certainly, there are issues to be addressed. Women do often face many issues in society that make things difficult.

But what if it were more known what the Catholic Church does on behalf of women who need assistance when their baby is born? After all, despite the often repeated false claim, people that are truly pro-life do care about the baby after he or she is born. The Catholic Church is the largest provider of social services after the federal government.

Today, let us pray for those women faced with the difficult decisions that come with pregnancy. And let us pray that by our efforts, they may see the support we provide for them in our actions.

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