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Seeking Holiness – Find it in the Silence: Homily for January 17, 2017

What does it mean to be holy? How does a person become holy? Today we seek holiness. Today this is done by looking at the life of Saint Anthony, Abbot. This is not Saint Anthony of Padua, the well known saint for lost objects, but a hermit from the early Church who was known for his holiness. His pathway to holiness might seem extreme to us today, as he went out into the desert for silence and solitude. He lived alone. That said, he often traveled to find others who were holy, and when successful, he sought to discover what they did to be holy. He sought to imitate their actions, their asceticism, and indeed their attitudes in his own quest for holiness. It can be quite difficult today to find silence and solitude in the midst of those duties as parents, as those who care for children and who work for a living. It can even be difficult for those engaged in full time ministry. But, finding some way to block out those things that take away from our faith is important if we are to grow closer to God and become holy. Let us ask God to help us to embrace the silence.

God’s Call: Homily for Sunday, January 15, 2017

Do you really know that God is calling you specifically? That you are bound for something great? Do you really understand that God wants you to fulfill your part in witnessing to God that only is for you, the beloved creation of God? Often we fail to see that we can be called to great things, and we certainly do not always realize that it is God’s grace that gets us there. What is it that God is calling you to do? How is it that God is calling you to be great? In reading the stories of Isaiah, Saint Paul, and Saint John the Baptist, we can find ourselves inspired by the same God and the same grace that lead them to holiness.

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