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In addition to podcasts, this area features reviews on tech, classroom apps, and current topics in education. While there is an emphasis on Catholic education, this section is related to educational topics that are often applicable in public school settings too.

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The DePorres Pages seeks to make connections between the daily Mass readings from the Bible and your life.  How is it that Jesus calls you to a personal relationship and what do you need to do about it?

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What does it mean to follow Jesus? How does someone start a relationship with Jesus? How do I pray? What is the role of the sacraments? While it is clear that being a disciple means to follow Jesus, how does one get there? What does it mean? And how is it that Jesus invites me into this wonderful and eternal life?

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Today there is a lot of noise, but not always a lot of thought and reflection.  How is it that we are called to make sense of the world? What is a Christian to do in the midst of the day to day life that seems more and more removed from the gospel? We do not always have the answers, but we do seek to provide thoughtful reflection and intelligent faith discussion about the issues of the day.

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Catholic Education

Certainly, Catholic schools are committed to excellent education, and the academic success of Catholic schools is clear.  But is that all? What does the unique mission of Catholic education require of Catholic schools? Of Catholic school teachers, administrators, staff, and students?


Education is not just about academic subjects.  While it is important to focus on what we know, it is also important to know how what we know makes us better persons.   How is it that connections are made between the content in the classroom and its use in the real world to make the world better.


There is so much technology in our world today and it is changing so fast.  How do teachers and administrators stay on top of what they need to know about technology, while at the same time making sure it remains a tool geared to facilitate learning?