Moniya Farm: The Dominican Agricultural Project in Nigeria

The Dominican Centre for Human Resources development (Moniya Farm) has been in operation for two and a half decades. The Centre, under the Directorship of Bro. Fortunatus Okeke, is into integrated farming, training, consultancy, and farm set-up. The Centre practices integrated farming on her 98 hectares of farm land, cutting across livestock farming, crop production, fishery, Poultry, snail rearing/farming, forestry etc. Its primary aim is, therefore, a strategic grass-root socio-economic empowerment of the poor, poverty reduction, job creation, capacity building, and human resources development.

The Centre’s Farm Establishment Policy underlines the interplay between food, health and nutrition. Therefore, it seeks to offer Nigerians food crops that have high nutritional values. This informs the Centre’s choice for crops like Vitamin A cassava, plantain, corn and tree plants like Moringa Olifera.

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