Not Just for Benedictines: Pray and Work

Readings for Today

To Pray and To Work.  Ora et Labora.  This is the motto of the Benedictines. We celebrate today the founder of the Benedictines: Saint Benedict. Most versions of community life have their roots in the ideas of Saint Benedict. The motto suggests a pattern for life.  The Benedictine Order is a contemplative one, so it is easy to see the value of prayer in what is done. But they also needed to be self-sufficient, and so they worked. So today there is a question for each of us: How is it we sanctify our work? How does our work inform our experience of God?

Homily given at Mercy Hospital, Creve Coeur, Missouri, on July 11, 2018
Picture Courtesy Pixavbay

New Feature: The Lasallian Moment

The DePorres Pages features short prayers from the tradition of Saint John Baptist de la Salle in this new series known as The Lasallian Moment. These are short pieces for meditation, and for prayer.  They feature either quotes from the saint himself, or by those inspired by him. At the end of each clip there are reflection questions to pray about and think about during the day.