Open Your Heart. Hear God Speak. Do What God Wants. Homily for Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Readings for Today

There is such a contrast to the first reading and the gospel.  Ahaz seems to be taking the high road by not wanting to tempt God, but he is not.  He does not want a sign from God, because he wants to do something different.  Mary does not seek a sign from God, but when God asks, she says yes.  Ahaz does not cultivate a relationship with God. Mary orders her entire life around her faith in God. Do you want a sign from God, or not?

Advent is about seeking.  Do we want to find God, to get a sign, or do we wish to turn away from God? Do we use the guise of faith, of goodness, to turn away from God? Is your heart open to God? Are you ready to hear God’s voice? Will you do what God wants? Make this a holy Advent.  Say yes to God.

Presence of God: Past, Present & Future: Homily for Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Readings for Today

Finding the presence of God in your life is important.  What helps is to think of past, present, and future.  Today’s readings provide some help in that regard.  As we look back to the Old Testament, we can see how the plan of salvation was revealed by God.  Today, we can seek to find how God is active today.  And it is also the case that we can find the promises from God of how God is active tomorrow.  This is really the season of Advent in a nutshell.

On a personal level, our life if faith is no different.  We look back in our lives to see where we have experienced and felt the presence of God.  We engage in a life of prayer and the sacraments so that we are better able to find the presence of God today.  And through both of these experiences, we can see how God will be active tomorrow, for God keeps promises.

A Heart Ready for God: Homily for Monday, December 18, 2017

Readings for Today

With all of the revelations of sexual misconduct and harassment, today’s gospel presents us with the courageous man.  The real man.  Saint Joseph, who confronted with unbelievable news that Mary was pregnant — and knowing he was not the father.  And despite this, not wanting to shame Mary.  Not wanting to take out any sort of revenge on Mary. Because he was righteous, Joseph had a heart open to the presence of God. He was ready, so when God did speak to him in a dream, he knew who God was.

Are you ready for God? This is what Christmas is about.  It is not just being ready for an historical event.  It is also about being ready to welcome God into our heart.  Are you ready? Do you strive to be righteous? Do you seek to find the presence of God, and do you know God when he appears?

Rejoice Always. Pray without ceasing. Know who you are. Homily for Sunday, December 17, 2017

Readings for Today

Do you really know who you are? Or do you try to pretend you are someone other than you are? Do you try to convince others, and worse yet, yourself, that you are someone you are not? Probably all of us fall prey to this at some time in our life.  Maybe too many times. Worse yet is when we try to convince God we are someone other than the person God has created us to be.  At these times, we are really lost.

But today’s readings provide us an important antidote to such temptations.  As dark as the world can see sometimes, God’s light is strong.  We can see if we look.  Hope is a virtue.  And we receive this virtue of hope by being hopeful.  We have great reasons to hope.  God is faithful.  God keeps promises. So, be people of hope.  Rejoice always.  Be faithful to your relationship with God.  Pray without ceasing.  And don’t pretend.  Know who you are.

Seeing the presence of God: Homily for Saturday, December 16, 2017

Readings for Today

Our eyesight is really important.  Imagine how life would be changed if we could not see.  As important as our physical sight is, however, how much more important is our spiritual sight.  How much more do we need to open the eyes of our soul to see just how active God is in our lives. The beauty of the bible is that the presence and purpose of God is made clear to us.  The Lord’s plan is like that of a master builder making a masterpiece.

Do you make time to see God in your life? Do you ask God to open your vision to see where it is that He is active in your life? In the world? So much of the Advent season is being able to see how much God loves us, and how much God wants to do for us.


Imagine what God could do with our trust: Homily for Friday, December 15, 2017

Readings for Today

There are times when I cannot believe I do not trust in God more.  I cannot point to a single instance where God was not there for me. When I hear today’s readings, it makes me wonder what might happen if I fully trusted God. Think about it.  What would happen if all your trust was placed in God. Imagine how much the world could change if we actually saw Christ fully and totally in every person we met.

This is really the promise of Advent. God promises us happiness and fulfilment if we trust in him.  If we let God show us the way. If we want what God wants. Turn over your life to God today.  Let Jesus into your heart.  Great things await.