Life Issues

The Church knows that this Gospel of life, which she has received from her Lord, has a profound and persuasive echo in the heart of every person-believer and non-believer alike-because it marvelously fulfils all the heart’s expectations while infinitely surpassing them. Even in the midst of difficulties and uncertainties, every person sincerely open to truth and goodness can, by the light of reason and the hidden action of grace, come to recognize in the natural law written in the heart (cf. Rom 2:14-15) the sacred value of human life from its very beginning until its end, and can affirm the right of every human being to have this primary good respected to the highest degree. Upon the recognition of this right, every human community and the political community itself are founded.

With these words from Evangelium Vitae, the foundation for the recognition of the sacred dignity of human life is made. Perhaps like never before, the challenges of respecting human life in a variety of ways are profound.

It is for this reason that there is this series of resources on a variety of life issues.  Using the text from the bishops’ website (with permission), the hope is that these pages will provide a simple way to present the Church’s profound teaching on the sacredness of all human life, born and unborn.