Ask for prayers / Pray for Others

This page allows people to email prayer requests, and at least twice a day these prayers are remembered.

To this end, we always pray for you. 2 Thessalonians 1:11

You can also submit prayer requests by using the email Below are the prayers that have been requested by others.  You can also choose to join those praying for these requests.  Simply click the “pray” button to pray for them.  You can also reply to the prayer request as well. You can also let people know of a prayer answered or something you want to give thanks for by clicking the “praise report” page.

  • Healing
    I need you to send some serious prayers to a family. A father was just given a terminal cancer diagnosis.
  • For Sally
    That God may heal me from breast cancer.
  • Healing
    Please pray for a person in ICU with bowel trouble.
  • Joe
    For Joe, for his back.
  • Financial needs
    Please pray for me for my financial needs to pay off my mortgage.
  • Happiness in retirement
    For Lorraine that she might have happiness in retirement and become a homeowner.
  • For my aunt
    For my aunt that she might have healing for many health issues and for success in resolving insurance payments.
  • Successful open heart surgery
    for successful open heart surgery for my friend
  • New Job
    Lost my job today due to cuts. I appreciate any prayers if you’d be so kind, for my family. I’ll be praying for all those in need of employment. God Bless. St. Joseph, pray for us.
  • For the sale of property
    Please pray that a piece of property sells in Los Angeles.