Ask for prayers / Pray for Others

This page allows people to email prayer requests, and at least twice a day these prayers are remembered.

To this end, we always pray for you. 2 Thessalonians 1:11

You can also submit prayer requests by using the email Below are the prayers that have been requested by others.  You can also choose to join those praying for these requests.  Simply click the “pray” button to pray for them.  You can also reply to the prayer request as well. You can also let people know of a prayer answered or something you want to give thanks for by clicking the “praise report” page.

  • For me and my daughter
    please pray for my visit to a cardiologist, for a good visit and report, and for my daughter who needs my full care
  • My son
    Please pray for my son.
  • My niece
    Fir my niece with brain cancer.
  • Difficult recovery
    Please pray for me. I need better health and recovery.
  • Son
    For a better relationship with my son
  • Transportation
    That I may get help with transportation
  • For my health and security
    i pray for many health issues. Also for a just resolution to the sake of my house.
  • Grandchildren
    Fir my grandchildren, who have health problems, that they may be cured.
  • For my friend
    For my friend who has heart trouble.
  • For my niece
    For my niece who received a difficult diagnosis, for her health.