Pray for Others

Below are the prayers that have been requested by others.  You can also choose to join those praying for these requests.  Simply click the “pray” button to pray for them.  You can also reply to the prayer request as well. You can also let people know of a prayer answered or something you want to give thanks for by clicking the “praise report” page.

  • Heart surgery

    Help me storm the heavens for my God child’s husband. Her plea:
    Needing some prayers and good vibes sent our way…Justin is having heart surgery this evening to remove an infectious growth on the pulmonary artery. We knew he would need surgery eventually but they have decided it needs to come out now. He’s got the best docs around and for that we are grateful. Please, if you are a praying person, send some along our way ❤️🙏❤️

  • Hurricane Michael

    My families house has been destroyed; the roof got blown off and debris and water on first and second floor. They were in house hiding in closet so they are ok! They are now trying to get out and find a safe place to go. Please keep the prayers coming to those people in Florida.🙏🏽