Pray for Others

Below are the prayers that have been requested by others.  You can also choose to join those praying for these requests.  Simply click the “pray” button to pray for them.  You can also reply to the prayer request as well. You can also let people know of a prayer answered or something you want to give thanks for by clicking the “praise report” page.

  • Successful surgery
    for successful surgery on Wednesday.
  • My grandpa
    Pray for my grandpa - Dr. James Shih-Kuan Tsai
  • My spouse
    For my relationship with my spouse – sometimes marriage feels long and hard, but my spouse is an awesome person whom I take for granted sometimes. I struggle though and it’s hard and I need prayers.
  • Family
    Please pray for our family—our love of one another, kindness, safety and health.
  • Operation
    For a man having second hernia surgery this week. The previous surgery a few months ago on a different hernia went well. Please pray for his successful surgery and health and his sobriety always.
  • For my brother
    My brother Randall is recovering from shoulder surgery. Unfortunately his legs are very weak and he is unable to walk with a walker until his shoulder heals. Medicare approved him to be in skilled nursing for a little while but now he is no longer eligible. My niece and her husband are bringing him to their home until he is able to use his shoulder and a walker. Please pray for him to heal, for my niece and her husband and family to embrace him, and for hope and joy for all.
  • Peace and Healing
    For the spread of peace and understanding everywhere
  • Family Healing
    My parents and nieces and nephews – for strained relationships and forgiveness and healing
  • RIP
    For Michael – great friend who recently died of brain cancer
  • Holy Week
    Dear Catholic Twitter, please pray that I not fall ill over Holy Week. Thank you.