Challenge: Homily for Wednesday, June 14, 2017

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Readings for Today

As a teacher, I have been known to say “Christianity is not for wimps.” My point was that Jesus was not a teddy bear whose only purpose was to make us feel better about ourselves.  Following Jesus would require something from the disciple.  Following Jesus means discipline.  Following Jesus means sacrifice.  Following Jesus means standing up for what is right and true, even in the face of opposition.  Why engage in a way of life that can be so hard?  Why not simply strive for enjoyment?

Truth is, anything worthwhile requires discipline and sacrifice.  Ask those who are married about the challenge of being faithful to the demands of marriage.  Without sacrifice and discipline, marriage becomes a selfish endeavor.  Parents who make no sacrifices and have no discipline will not raise healthy children.  Good employees, good practitioners, good students, good laborers, good anything means discipline and sacrifice.  Those who do not sacrifice or have discipline will not receive the fulfillment hard work brings.  What are you willing to sacrifice for Jesus?

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