Theology 4Snackers

Below are the latest episodes of Theology 4Snackers.

Theology 4Snackers: Remembering the Dead

Why does the Catholic Church remember the dead during the month of November? Why is it so important to recall the heroic lives of canonized saints?

Theology 4Snackers: What is a Disciple of Jesus Christ?

[embed][/embed] Our latest Theology 4Snackers video is here.  What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus Christ? This short video provides brief reflection questions at the end to get you thinking about what it means.
Theology 4snackers: Catholic Faith in Small Bytes

Theology 4snackers: Catholic Faith in Small Bytes

The DePorres Pages is pleased to announce a new YouTube feature called Theology 4snackers. It is designed to provide short video clips of various theology topics of interest. The first is posted now and is entitled, "Lectionary - The Bible at Mass."