Education Website of the Week: Busted Halo

If you are looking for information as a theology teacher, you know that most likely multiple sources of information and resources are necessary for effective teaching. One helpful source for Catholic theology is Busted Halo. Designed for young adults, the web site also provides information that is appropriate for high school students too.

Billed as an online site for spiritual seekers, Busted Halo is named because, in the words of the website, “Each of us sports a Halo that is either dented, scratched, tarnished… in some way Busted. Yet God loves us anyway and continually calls to bang out the dents and polish our halos up to a nice golden shine.”

Rich in social media connections, there is a wide variety of information on this site. Maintained by “Fr. Dave Dwyer, CSP, Busted Halo® Ministries helps young adults explore their spirituality, listen to and encourage one another, discover (or re-discover) the rich depths of Catholic tradition, and connect to communities of faith where their unique gifts will be respected and used, and where they will find support on their journey towards God.”

The site also strives to connect with ministries that are happening in parishes already, or to begin new ministries where such sites may not exist.

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