Catholic Schoolhouse Lessons

As a Catholic school teacher and administrator, I found it difficult to find Catholic lessons in locations where lesson plans are stored.  While there was a lot of great content on these sites, it was difficult to find a place where Catholic school lessons could be found.  What can be found below are lessons by category.  While currently the list is small, the intent is to add to this list in a variety of ways.

Faith and Meaning.

  • Meaning Making and Viktor Frankl. How is it that human beings find meaning and purpose in their lives? Given that suffering is unavoidable, how do people face suffering without falling into despair? The work of Viktor Frankl provides an authentic answer to the question. Written from his experiences from living and surviving a concentration camp, Frankl provides a framework to help human beings discover a meaning and purpose in their lives.

Technology, Social Media and Faith.

  • Social Media and the Internet: Friend or Foe?. This lesson explores the question about social media use and teens.  While there are certainly many benefits of social media, there are also downsides. Articles, videos and a link to scripture are included.
  • How can I control my technology? Knowing that there is probably too much tech use, this lesson looks at ways to help students to control their technology and not to allow their technology to control them. Articles, videos and a link to scripture are included.