Follow: Homily for Thursday, February 16, 2017

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Follow.  Today’s gospel is a gospel about discipleship. It’s about following Jesus. But we don’t always do that. Ask yourself, whom do I follow? Because that is the question in today’s gospel. Jesus asks the disciples about his own identity. It is not because Jesus does not know who he is. Rather, it is because he wants the disciples to know who he is. And very quickly we learn it is with good reason that Jesus takes this time to teach about discipleship.

The first question is easy. People have a number of things to say about Jesus. But, even though Peter seems to get the right answer, he does not. But Peter’s mistaken answer is not simply about the mind. It is also about the heart. Peter thinks he is following Jesus when he gives them the help about not dying. But Peter is following himself. Peter is relying on his own reason, his own rationale, and deciding to follow himself. Peter knows better than Jesus.

This is what discipleship is all about. Discipleship is about deciding whether we are going to follow Jesus or something else. It is about deciding whether we give our lives over to Jesus and his way of life, or whether we stick to our own mind and our own little, small way of thinking. Who do you say that Jesus is?

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