For your own good (5:15pm)

For your own good (5:15pm)
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Readings for Today

Today’s first reading is almost like a graduation speech. Moses, talking to the people on the verge of entering the promised land, reminds them about the love and care of God. He reminds them that God is close to them. And while hearing that something is “for our own good” might bring back some bad memories from childhood, the moral code that is given to the people is indeed designed to make them more happy and fulfilled. It is also designed to help them to learn about priorities. By following God’s law, the people learn about the import of human dignity, prayer to God, and a grace filled life. Today, ask God to help you to discover those things that are really important.

Homily given at Our Lady of Lourdes, University City, Missouri, on September 1, 2018.
Photo courtesy of Pixabay.
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