The most recent daily homilies posted can be found here.  We're working on making sure this is as up to date as possible. Generally speaking, the homily for each day is posted the night before.

Homily: God chose you

We can think that we are the ones who make a decision to have a relationship with Jesus. Truth is, God chooses us. Long before we even existed God chose us to be in a relationship with him. Such is the comfort and consolation of our faith. God loves us. God chooses us. And God […]

Homily: Our model of conversion

Today’s first reading provides us with a good example of what it means to convert. The process is apparent when we look at the life of the Ethiopian eunuch. He begins by reading the bible, because, I suspect, in some way was curious about this “new way.” But his understanding is limited, until Philip accompanies […]

Homily: When anger turns evil

There seems to be so much anger these days. We hear people insult each other, disagree, and blame others for all the problems of the world. Times of change can be one reason there is so much anger. When humans are in periods of rapid change, we can be so afraid that we fear the […]

Homily: Just Imagine

The first reading today from the Acts of the Apostles describes an almost unbelievable world. People sharing, prayer, and being of one mind. Sounds like a great world in which to live. It is what we can do when we turn our lives over to Jesus and live in harmony with his will. The resurrection […]

Homily: Is Easter simply “Not Lent”?

Sherry Weddell, probably best known as the author of “Forming Intentional Disciples”, posed a question on her forum: Do we see Easter simply as a time known as “Not Lent”? That is to say, does Easter become reduced to that day when we can go back to having what we gave up for Lent? For […]
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