The most recent daily homilies posted can be found here.  We're working on making sure this is as up to date as possible. Generally speaking, the homily for each day is posted the night before.

Homily: Why does God allow suffering?

Queen Esther is in an interesting spot in her life. On the one hand, her life has been one of blessing. She has become the Queen. This gives here a good life. On the other hand, her Jewish faith has put her in great danger. In some ways the source of her glory is also […]

Homily: The Powerful Prayer

Today Jesus gives us a lesson in prayer. The prayer, one we say often, is the Our Father. But do we really think about what we are saying? Do with listen carefully with our hearts to consider what the words we say mean for our lives of faith? The Our Father is a powerful lesson […]

Homily: A Campaign for Jesus

I already have a little doom that we are on the verge of another campaign season for president. So I was a little surprised yesterday when the opening prayer referred to Lent as a campaign. Why would it do so? If we think of a political campaign, the most successful are those where the image […]

Homily: Giving Up for Jesus

With the first day of Lent tomorrow, Ash Wednesday, it is a time when people are thinking about what they will do for Lent. It is common practice to make some type of sacrifice during the season. But what to do? The real purpose of Lent is to become closer to Jesus, to become more […]

Homily: Don’t lose sight of Jesus

When things get tough we can sometimes look for something to distract us. While this can be a good idea, it is also possible that the distraction can be worse than the tough situation. Such is the case with the disciples today. They do not know what to make of Jesus’ speaking of his death, […]
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