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A Dominican Season

Readings for Today At the risk of irritating other religious orders, I think Advent is really a Dominican season. The readings today remind us of the spiritual cycle of a preacher. First, there is the attention to the presence of God in contemplation. We do not control what happens in contemplation, God does. I think […]

God’s Promise is stronger than our sin

Readings for Today The words we hear today are particularly harsh. We are described as maggots. Worms. The geography is the desert a place of tremendous extremes. And a look around at our world suggests that maybe life is pretty harsh sometimes. But in the midst of all of this, God does not give up […]

The End is Near

Readings for Today The readings for today signify the change that happens in the last week of the liturgical year. They turn a little more harsh. They focus on last things. The judgement is coming. We are told to think about our lives and what they mean. And while there is the comfort of God’s […]

What is heaven like?

Readings for Today were taken from the Office of the Dead, as the homily was for a Dominican Feast, All Deceased Dominicans.

Just what is heaven? What does it mean to live forever? Is heaven an extended family reunion? An existence that is just a little bit better than our life here on earth? Or is it in fact something more? If it is not really that much different, why would anyone want to live forever? Life is pretty difficult. The Buddhists believe that life is suffering, and many times it seems that way. But is this really all that heaven is, something just a little better? Fortunately, the bible gives us plenty of clues that heaven is much more. Saint Paul tells us heaven, and what it is, has not even entered into our hearts. It is beyond anything we can understand. But it is absolute fulfillment. So pray for the dead. And open your heart to Jesus.

Homily given at Saint Dominic Priory, Saint Louis, Missouri, on November 8, 2018.
Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

He will find you

Readings for Today

Today's readings provide for us an important insight into God. God wants everyone to be saved. Everyone. In the first reading, we are reminded God uses a less than perfect Saint Paul to preach to the Gentiles. In the gospel, we see parables that remind us that God is always searching for us. God wants so much to forgive our sins. He so much wants a relationship with us. This is so true that God goes to any length to find us. God makes every opportunity to be available to us. He reminds us again and again the time in now for conversion. So do not waste another second. Open your heart to God. It will make all of the difference.

Homily given at Christian Brothers College High School, Town and Country, Missouri, on November 1, 2018.
Photo courtesy of Pixabay.
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