Homily: Do you manifest God’s holiness? (9am)

Homily: Do you manifest God’s holiness? (9am)
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There are certain bible stories that at first glance can seem to be difficult. The story of how Moses is denied entry to the Promised Land is one of them for me. He tapped the rock twice, not once. But that was enough. Considering all the Israelites put him through, this seems like a minor infraction. But the reading gives us a clearer view. Moses did not manifest God’s holiness. This Holy Week gives us the ultimate picture of manifesting God’s holiness, for in every instance, that is what Jesus does. The people mentioned in our readings this week face choices. Do they manifest God’s holiness or not? It is the same choice we face during this Holy Week. Do we manifest God’s holiness?

Readings for Today

Homily given at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish on April 13, 2019, in University City, Missouri.

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