Homily for Friday, August 21, 2015

Readings for Today

Today we are given a powerful example of the power that the witness of marriage can be. Given the circumstances of the day, it would not be impossible to understand why Ruth may have wanted to go with here sister-in-law. But she did not. She was committed to follow Orpah wherever life took her. She had given her life in marriage, and she was not going to turn her back on the commitment.

Such example may not be as easy to find today as it was before. Not only is it difficult to find because of the broken relationships around us, it is also a challenge because people today are not really choosing commitment in many areas of their lives. So much seems temporary and fleeting; there do not seem to be the number and level of commitments seen in past ages.

This is true both in areas like committing to a job, which does not happen, or to a family, which does not happen either. Commitment today seems to be fleeting, and more and more people move on to the next thing shortly after seeing the previous thing.

This may be why entering into a deep relationship with God may be more difficult. Following the Great Commandments are difficult without an understanding that they require deep and lasting fidelity in order to be fulfilling. It is not enough to say I will love God for now, or I will love my neighbor only for today. Rather, we must dedicate ourselves to seeing that love of God and neighbor must be something to which we commit over and over again. Moreover, such a commitment is not for a moment, but is for ever.

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Will God merit such a commitment from you today?

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