Homily for Friday, October 10, 2014

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When it comes to faith, how do we do we do? What I mean to say, is that when great things happen when we are engaged in some type of ministry, how is it that these results occur? When someone arrives at a deep insight in faith, because of something we said, or another person is able to get through a difficult time, because of the support that we have provided, just how is it that these great things occur? This is the question Jesus faces in the first reading today. He is doing miraculous things in his ministry. All kinds of wonderful things are occurring because of his actions and works. The temptation arises in the minds of some that this is all because of Beelzebub.

Jesus tells us something more. When we do these things, in our own ministries, namely supporting another, or helping someone to come to some insight about the faith, it can be tempting to think that these things are something that would’ve happened anyway. We can give in to the temptation that such things are merely coincidental. For persons of faith, what we are challenged and invited to see is that the world looks different through the eyes of faith.

So much of our faith life is really about how we see the world. On the one hand seeing the world through the eyes of faith is not to minimize those things that occur because we collaborate with God’s grace. On the other hand, it is to recognize that there are those things that occur, those insights that happened, and those miraculous events in our lives that can only be understood when we see them through the words and actions of Jesus in our lives and in our world.

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In the words of Jesus today, we are reminded that when we can see through the eyes of faith, the kingdom of God becomes apparent. This kingdom of God that Jesus speaks of is in fact itself a rather interesting and mysterious thing. On the one hand, it is already here. We see those individuals living lives of grace and being influenced by the Holy Spirit in the way in which they treat one another, in the world for which they work. On the other hand we seen numerous instances were evil and war and suffering persists indicating to us that the kingdom is not yet fully realized.

Perhaps the most important thing that we gain from today’s readings is that we are engaged in something that is long and wonderful. For we like the Jews for so many centuries, or children of Abraham, our great father in faith.

In the faith of Abraham, we are reminded to have an abiding trust in God regardless of what happens. We can have this faith because we can see that the kingdom of God is already in our midst, even if it is not yet fully realized. And we are invited today to participate in that kingdom by being open to the deeds to Jesus calls us to do.

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