Homily for Thursday, December 6, 2012

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If you have ever been to Europe, or China, or any place where there are majestic buildings that have stood for centuries, you understand the power of a good foundation. In fact, while a foundation is not the most beautiful part of the building, it is the most essential. With a strong foundation, a building last for a very long time. But the opposite is also true. Take shortcuts with the foundation, and the building will not last a very long time.

So is easy to see why Jesus uses this analogy in the Gospel. Because it is so easy to see the connections between the foundation that supports the building the foundation that supports our lives. What care do we give in the building of our foundation? On whom do we rely? Do we seek out a masterbuilder, one who is known as an artisan? Or do we rely on someone who gets the job done quickly without concern for the long-term viability of a building or a life? These questions are not frivolous, but in fact are quite important for us to live holy life.

But what makes for a good foundation? Too often, I think we are tempted to try to answer the question ourselves. Jesus is not only the foundation of the Church, mainly Lord Jesus himself, but also the one who molds us into his body. Because he knows how human beings can be inspired by the faith of others, he calls us to celebrate our faith in the community of the Church. We come to this daily mass because we recognize how it is that Jesus wants to strengthen us. We come because we receive Jesus in the Eucharist and we hear Jesus speak to us in the Scriptures. But we should also strive to find some quiet time from the hustle and bustle of these days. Time to discover the rock upon which are lives are being built when we open our hearts to receive God’s grace.

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