Homily for Thursday, July 24, 2014

Readings for Today

What happened to us? It can be a sad day indeed, when a married couple comes to the realization that their relationship no longer has that “spark”, or has become empty or painful. And when these types of situations occur in people’s lives, they really are confronted with the choice. They can accept what they believe to be inevitable, or they can seek to work it out. Now to be clear, there are certain types of relationships were significant discernment is not always possible and perhaps not even necessary. I think most specifically about relationships that involve violence. Since we all have a fundamental right to life the safety of everyone is important to note here.

But I am not discussing relationships involve violence. Rather, I am looking  to those relationships where two people did love each other, where there was genuine care and concern for the other. Those relationships that had all of the promise, and excitement that any relationship can provide in life.

Relationships failed for a variety of reasons. Perhaps boredom, or maybe inattention, or making other things in our lives more important priorities. Sometimes these priorities are even good things. There are those parents who arrived at the so-called “empty nest syndrome”, that are discovered so much energy when in to raising their children that their relationship has become like a plant that is not cared for and water.

And today’s readings remind us of the same thing can be true in our relationship with God.  If we do not give any attention to our relationship with God, it too can become like that plant that is not watered, dry and lifeless. And, just as in a relationship that over many years suffers because of loss of attention, so to our relationship with God can often become neglected. And similarly, just like to individuals who recognize a dry relationship, we know the same can be true of God. All of a sudden we can recognize that once was, is no longer.

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Today’s readings are about perseverance. By continuing was something worthwhile in life giving because it is worthwhile and life-giving, even if it does not appear to be at the time. We know that too many relationships can see difficulties and interpret them in the wrong way. Marriages go through rough patches. Deep and intimate relationships take work to cultivate. The very deep love we have for another provides the means for deep hurt as well.

Get some attention to your relationship with God. Plan how it is that you are going to open your heart to God. Find some time or space that is God’s alone. Just as a plant given the proper attention and care blossoms into something quite beautiful, the same is true  if we give proper care and attention to our relationships with others and our relationship with God.

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