Homily for Thursday, October 16, 2014

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Every spiritual blessing in the heavens. I have read and studied this passage from Paul in his letter to the Ephesians many times, but only today did this phrase strike me. Perhaps it is because of all of the violence that surrounds us these days. It seems there will be no end to the violent conflicts that are all around us.

And yet think of the power of the phrase. Every spiritual blessing in the heavens. It can be easy for us to take the gift of the Father in Jesus for granted. But the incarnation of the Son is no small thing at all, and the gifts God longs to give us for our salvation are not small either.

As difficult as life may seem sometimes, we literally have every spiritual blessing in the heavens available to us. We are submerged in grace if we choose to accept it. Even though it may appear that evil will triumph, we have the once for all triumph of Jesus over death as evidence of the power of God’s grace.

And all that is required is that we accept this tremendous love of God in our lives, allowing this grace to change our hearts. It really is quite simple. Yet we know that there are moments and events in our lives that make this seemingly simple task not so simple. Evil can cause our hearts to become confused and our vision to be weak.

When this happens, we need to seek the spiritual gifts even more. Fortunately the means of seeking these spiritual blessings in the heavens are easy. God gives us his word through the Bible. We can simply seek out silence to wait upon the voice of God in other ways. We have devotional prayers, most especially the rosary that help us to see the spiritual gifts of God. We can seek out the prayers of others on our behalf.

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Whatever we do, all that is required is to keep these beautiful words of Paul before us. Because of Jesus, we have been given more than our minds can possibly know.

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