Homily for Thursday, October 30, 2014

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How is it that we are supposed to understand the mysteries of God? How are we to make sense of our lives? Things seem to be so awful around us. The challenges we face seem to be too complex for an easy for us to arrive at a solution. What is our life about and how are we to protect ourselves from going astray by evil choices?

Great teachers are those who are able to make complex ideas understandable. Jeuss did this in telling parables, stories that made complex ideas easier to understand. For Paul, the example used for how to avoid that evil that can take us away from all that is good, away from Jesus. For Paul, the solution is presented in an activity as normal as getting dressed in the morning.

What does the Christian wear to be protected? First, and most important, the Christian wears the armor of God. While it may be counter to the tendency in the Western world to do for yourself, in the Christian faith, everything begins with an understanding that for all that is good we are completely dependent upon God.

The clothing that we wear is truth, righteousness and the gospel of peace. We also bring forth the shield of faith, the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God.

It seems quite obvious to me that we are called to enter more deeply into those things Jesus has entrusted to the Church. We hear the Word proclaimed in every sacramental action of the Church. Since the Truth for us is a person, Jesus, then encountering this person of Jesus fully and completely in our sacramental life provides protection against the evil one. Seeking to increase our faith is the sure weapon that keeps us safe. In everything, we are able to stand against evil because Jesus is stonger than evil. He defeated death because of his death on the Cross. We are not alone.

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Even though there are days, perhaps many days, when it seems that evil will triumph, we know that victory has been won, and the ransom has been paid. Clothed completely with God, we know we are safe.

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