Homily for Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Readings for Today

I have been fortunate in my life to witness true married love. While married love is beautiful in all its stages, there is something especially beautiful in witnessing a couple who is been married for a very long time. It becomes a concrete way to experience how two people can become one.

They do so many things where it appears they are one. They anticipate the needs of each other. They often finish the thoughts of each other. They remind me of watching my parents polka when I was a little kid. Knowing nothing about how to polka, I noted the complexity of the dance steps. Even though I was a little boy, I appreciated the difficulty in watching my mother perform all of the steps while moving backwards. But what I noticed more than anything, is how my mother and father were one on the dance floor.

The Second Vatican Council indicated that those who are married form a domestic Church, because they witnessed the power of Christ’s love for the Church.  The two become one flesh, because both have a singular goal: holiness.  Because marriage  is a vocation, each professes the beauty of the quest for holiness they saw and answering God’s call to marry their spouse.

Acknowledging this important married love, does not mean that when couples recognize their vocation in Christ, everything becomes easy. Quite the contrary. Like everyone else, those who recognize their marriage is the way in which they’ve responded to a call of Christ to become holy, they have their difficulties. It is quite likely they will have roaring lions, violent storms, and the other signs of difficulties mentioned in today’s readings.

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But like the disciples in the boat with Jesus, those who recognize their vocation in Christ to become holy, can recognize the ability of Jesus to help them through any storm. The Lord is God. There is no storm that is more powerful the Lord Jesus. There is no evil which can befall us that is more difficult than the risen and eternal life Jesus offers to each one of us. The St. Paul reminds us there is simply nothing more powerful than the love of God.

We know that life will give us storms. We ask God to open our hearts, our minds and our souls to experience the calling reassurance of the voice of God when we experience such storms.

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