Homily for Tuesday, October 28, 2014

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How often do you precede a big decision by entering into prayer? How many of you who are married asked God if the person you to whom you are married is the person who will lead you to a life of holiness? Have we thought about praying before taking a new job? When we went to college, did we pray about what we should study?

Such an attitude about prayer is what Jesus models for us in choosing the disciples. He spends the night in prayer before calling individuls to be his apostles. This significant and important moment in the life of Jesus is preceeded by prayer. In giving us this example we are reminded how important it is to seek life’s most important questions before God, knowing that when we connect our lives to God’s grace, we can become more and more the person God made us to be.

Truth is, that God wants to give us the grace to help in every aspect of our lives. For when we turn our lives over to God, we open ourselves to become a dwelling for the Spirit. For when we open our lives to God, it is then that we find our true home. When we depend only upon ourselves, in many ways we are those strangers and aliens who do not have a home.

Our home can only be true if it has a solid foundation. We are built upon a foundation upon the Apostles and the prophets. And all is kept together because of the Son of God, Jesus.

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It is important to remember this last point. Our foundation is not of our own making, an our support is not what we think today. No, the support is the Apostles and the prophets, and the capstone is Jesus.

The other lesson we can take from today’s gospel is one of hope. Today they are called. But we know that in the days ahead they will not always get things right. They will try to talk Jesus out of God’s will, they will fight, they will be petty, and they will not have faith. When Jesus needs them most, they will be nowhere to be found.

And yet Jesus called them anyway. He called them knowing of their foibles and weaknesses. It is just like us. Jesus calls us too, knowing that we will struggle to be open to God’s grace. We too will not always get things right. We will try to talk Jesus out of God’s will, we will fight, we will be petty and we will not have faith. And when we should be turning to jesus the most we too will nowhere to be found.

But if we can open our hearts, and be attentive to the love of Jesus for each one of us, we too can receive the grace that allows us to be holy just as the apostles.

But, when we open our lives to God, allowing the Spirit to dwell within us and acknowledging the indwellilng of the same Spirit.

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