Homily: Is Easter simply “Not Lent”?

Homily: Is Easter simply “Not Lent”?
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Sherry Weddell, probably best known as the author of “Forming Intentional Disciples”, posed a question on her forum: Do we see Easter simply as a time known as “Not Lent”? That is to say, does Easter become reduced to that day when we can go back to having what we gave up for Lent? For those who came into the Church at the Easter Vigil, or indeed for all of us, this period of time is known as the mystagogy. This is the time when we attempt to explain to the newly baptized the meaning of the mysteries they now celebrate. The Church recognizes this, which is why the Easter Season is 50 days.

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Homily given on April 23, 2019, at Christian Brothers College High School in Town and Country, Missouri.

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