Homily: Lazarus Come Out! (Year A)

Homily: Lazarus Come Out! (Year A)
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It is so hard to mourn the loss of someone we love. Even for people of faith who believe in the next life, the dramatic change that a death causes is difficult. We can be filled with sadness, doubt, grief, confusion and anger. It is hard to know what Martha and Mary felt over the death of their brother Lazarus, but there faith is never in question. Martha understands her faith. Jesus helps her to see what believing in him means. Today’s reading for RCIA (Year A) is part of a common theme of the readings which focus on baptism, and our response to God’s call. Will you heed the voice of Jesus and come out from your sinfulness and accept his new life?

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Homily given at Saint Cletus Catholic Church in Saint Charles Missouri on April 7, 2019.

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