Homily: Life without the snooze button (11am)

Homily: Life without the snooze button (11am)
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I do not usually tell people what I am doing for Lent. I really believe that it is best left between me and God, so I do not take credit for it. It is important, for me, not to see my Lent as a time where I reward my will power. Lent is not about that. Rather, it is a time for me to open myself more fully to God’s grace in order to become more like Christ. This year, though, to provide an example of how this might work, I decided to share that for Lent, I have given up the snooze button. Anyone who knows me just a little bit is aware that I am not a morning person. But I thought this was good not just to see if I could do it (I am not completely confident) but rather to see if I could use the extra time for prayer. In today’s gospel, we see that Jesus was led by the Spirit, where he encountered temptation. In doing so, Jesus foreshadows that he has won the victory over sin and death, and so too can we share in that victory.

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Homily recorded at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, University City, Missouri on March 10, 2019.

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