Instruction: Homily for Tuesday, February 21, 2017

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Readings for Today

Instruction.  Today’s reading from the book of Sirach, provides us with instructions on how to live. It is addressed from a father to his son, but indeed it can apply to all of us, in any circumstance. These are the types of instructions that deal with wisdom, and purpose, and direction. These are the types of instructions that go far beyond what kind of job you should get, or should you buy this house for that house. These are the instructions that will cause someone to live a life of deep fulfillment.

For these instructions are much more about quality, and not quantity. These instructions deal not with what can be counted, but rather with what counts. These instructions deal not with external accolades and tangible rewards, but the in tangible reward of a life well lived. Because these instructions deal with fulfilling the ultimate purpose for which someone is created.

We all know that human beings are unique, and in faith we understand that each human being is a unique expression of God, for human beings are made in the image and likeness of God. Unfortunately sin clouds this image of God. We do not show forth as clearly as we might, the holiness of God, because we sin and fail. It is for this reason that such instructions take on a special value and meaning for each one of us. For when we concern ourselves with the eternal the deep and meaningful, the quality of one’s life and not the quantity of one’s possessions we find true wisdom indeed.

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