It’s been awhile

I am sorry to say that the DePorres Pages have been rather silent over the past few weeks. But they have been busy. Too busy. But now that we are ready to “come up for air,” we are hoping to get into a more regular updating cycle. So, what’s ahead?

Return of the Daily Homily. We will re-commit to working hard to post a daily spiritual reflection. We have received great feedback about this and we hope to resume it. We are going to work very hard to continue the short spiritual reflections each day. We will work hard to get back to the regular schedule of updates.

Educational apps and websites. There has been a lot of interesting things going on recently in the age of educational technology. We’ll work to bring them to you at the start of another school year.

Commentary. Whether it is the questions raised by the recent Planned Parenthood videos, the increasing circus that is “Deflategate”, or other things, the commentaries will return, and hopefully generate some discussion.

So, sit back and relax.

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