Jesus Christ, Son of God: Homily for Monday, January 16, 2017

Readings for Today

All too often we can be tempted to reduce Jesus to simply the nice person who is just a little better than we are.  Truth is, Jesus is the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, the fully divine Son of God, who died for our sins to save us.  He paid the price of our sinfulness so that we could live for ever in heaven.  He showed us the authentic way of life, because as Son of God, he became fully human to witness to the most authentic human life.  For this reason, the disciples of Jesus do not fast.  For this reason, Jesus is the High Priest who needs no replacement.  It is Jesus, as Son of God, who has existed without beginning or end from all eternity.  And yet, as loving Son of God, Jesus still invites each of us to that powerful eternal life that is without end.

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