Lent Resources – the 40 Day Challenge

While I do not necessarily think all of these ideas have the same weight, this is a good place for some ideas about what to do for Lent.  It comes from a British site called LoveYourStreets.

Wednesday 1st March – Sunday 5th March

1st March – Engage in conversation with the people who serve you (e.g. shop keepers)
2nd March – Say thank you to someone as they work and say how much you appreciate them
3rd March – Call in on an elderly neighbour – take some cake, have a cup of tea and a chat
4th March – Shop locally and support local farmers, local veg growers and local shops
5th March – Show some love to your neighbourhood and pick up litter (please wear gloves and use a strong bag) or see if there is anything more you can recycle at home

Monday 6th March – Sunday 12th March

6th March – Hold doors open for those behind you
7th March – Smile at people
8th March – Be a nice driver – spread road-calm!
9th March – Email / write  to a local charity you think does a great work and thank them and those who volunteer
10th March – Take time to pray for your neighbours
11th March – Spread the niceness on Facebook and Twitter – compliment some of your friends
12th March – Set up a Blessing Bag – a bag of items you keep in your car that can be used to bless other people

Monday 13th March – Sunday 19th March

13th March – Write a letter to a local emergency service and thank them for the work they do
14th March – Say hello to people
15th March – Look at joining or setting up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme
16th March – Spot ways of helping people and do it
17th March – Go on a thankful walk – see all the positive things you can be thankful for in your neighbourhood
18th March – Buy Fairtrade where you can today
19th March – Take a single person (elderly person, single mum…) out for Sunday lunch

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Monday 20th March – Sunday 26th March (Mothering Sunday)

20th March – Consider investing some time volunteering – could you give 24 hours over the next year?
21st March – Commit to collect used stamps for The Leprosy Mission
22nd March – Catch a bus (#Do1NiceThing for the environment) and say thank you to the bus driver
23rd March – Give a drink to a homeless person or take part in ‘Suspended Coffee
24th March – Email / write to your MP [i.e. representative] and say thank you for representing you and that you are praying for them
25th March – Take a prayer walk round your neighbourhood and pray for needs
Mothering Sunday 26th March – Take some flowers to mothers and grandmas on your street

Monday 27th March – Sunday 2nd April

27th March – Buy seeds ready to create a wildlife garden (or tub or window box!)
28th March – Look for ways to volunteer one hour of your time for someone else (look at StreetBank for ideas)
29th March – E-Mail your local councillors and say thank you for what they do and offer to pray for them
30th March – Take time to discover some new tourist attraction in your area (eg wildlife park, play area, etc)
31st March – Give away a book you think is worth reading
1st April – Pay for the drink of the person behind you in a coffee shop
2nd April – Write some inspirational messages on Post-It notes and randomly leave for people to find

Monday 3rd April – Sunday 9th April

3rd April – Help someone down the stairs or hold open a door for someone with a pram
4th April – Sit in a coffee shop and chat to some stranger’s or buy a ‘Suspended Coffee’ or pay for a stranger’s drink
5th April – Offer your skills to someone else for free
6th April – Write a letter to the boss of someone who has given excellent customer service to tell them so
7th April – Clear out unwanted items and give to a charity shop
8th April – Organise a free car wash for your community
Palm Sunday 9th April – Thank people for the virtues they have

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Monday 10th April – Easter Sunday 16th April

10th April – Send flowers to a friend as a thank you for your friendship
11th April- Give a New Testament or inspirational book to someone you don’t know
12th April – Take a box of chocolates to work and say thank you to your colleagues
Maundy Thursday 13th April – Easter Weekend – Serve someone
Good Friday 14th April – Put spare change in a charity box
15th April – Visit a local shop you have not visited before or in a while (support locally!)
Easter Sunday 16th April – Get together with others to organise a community or church Easter Egg hunt

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