Longing for God or Something Else: Homily for Friday, October 6, 2017

Readings for Today

Have you ever longed to be alive when Jesus was alive in the flesh on earth? I think at one time or another people might have felt that way.  But why is this? What do we hope to gain by longing to see Jesus in the flesh? Do we somehow expect an easier life? Do we think we will be better able to believe? Do we think we are better than those who lived in Jesus’ day?

Truth is we might not have been much different then than now.  We might have found faith as difficult then as we do now? Jesus is still present today. Every time we go to Mass.  Every time we go to confession.  He has not vanished.  He is in our midst just as much as he was when he was hear on this earth.  So believe.  Believe in Jesus today for this is the time God has given you.

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