What matters to God: Homily for Monday, October 23, 2017

Readings for today

Do you ever imagine winning a mega lottery, where hundreds of millions of dollars comes your way? That is probably not an unusual dream.  Just imagine what could be done with such amounts of money. You might even make lists in your head about what you would do.  And while some of it might involve charity, the temptation would be to see just how much we could keep for ourselves.

Don’t believe it? Consider those stories where people go in on buying tickets together, only to fight when they win.  Families do this too.  Or consider the fights over an inheritance. There was even a movie made about Wall Street Greed, where the mantra was, “Greed is good.” And yet, there is a much more valuable asset, and that is to strive to be rich in what matters to God.

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