A New Creation: Homily for Saturday, June 18, 2017

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Readings for Today

Don’t you just love getting something new? A new computer, a new car, a new appliance, a new house.  Isn’t there just something wonderful when you get something new.  When something you really enjoy becomes new, there is just something almost magical about it.  And if this is true for things, how much more when we set a goal to change and accomplish it? How wonderful it is when we succeed?

Or, if you are a parent, just how wonderful is it when you welcome your son or daughter for the first time?  A literal new creation.  Don’t you find yourself wondering what the child will become?  And don’t you tell everyone you know about this new creation?  That is the message we find in today’s first reading, when Saint Paul says that in Christ, each of us is a new creation.

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