Newton: Homily for Saturday, February 11, 2017

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Readings for today

Newton. You may remember Sir Isaac Newton, the famous physicist who developed a series of laws related to the natural world. In some ways, his laws help us to understand today’s readings. One law that he mentioned, in particular, was that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. And what that meant was when we pushed against something, for example, we would feel something pushing against us. It was a rather simple way of trying to explain how the world worked and what we experienced which is a lot of what science is about.

In today’s readings I think this basic idea helps us to understand what things are about. So when we look at the first reading for example, we can see that because they rejected God, Adam and Eve now have all of these really difficult things to deal with. When we look at the gospel, however, we see that when we are challenged to accept Jesus when we hear a word that seems to us to give fulfillment and new life there is in this rejection there is in this opposite action. Rather, there is this basic idea that Jesus longs to draw us into a relationship with himself.

And so, today’s readings help us to understand that Jesus longs to feed us when we’re hungry. Jesus longs to fill us when we’re empty. Jesus longs to do things for us and on behalf of us and with us that are beyond our wildest imaginations and dreams. And so today, recognize, that when it comes to the action of Jesus the only reaction is to be drawn closer to a relationship with him.

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