Patience: Homily for the Feast of the Presentation, February 2, 2017

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Patience.  How long did Simeon and Anna have to wait? Did they ever want to give up? Did they ever feel abandoned by God?  We do not know.  But we do know that today God fulfilled his promise.  Simeon and Anna see the Messiah.  And they rejoice.

I simply am not patient.  I want everything right away.  I want God to answer prayers NOW.  I hate waiting.  I do not have patience.  And no where is that more true than in prayer.  I want God to speak to me dramatically, to tell me in no uncertain terms what to do.  And yet at those times when he does, I do not always want to do it.

Our lives are hectic and busy.  We have so many distractions in our lives.  It is so easy not to pray.  It is so easy to give up on God because we do not stick with it.  It is so easy not to pray because it can be boring.  Prayer does not always have the flashiness of technology, television, movies or sports.  Prayer does not always provide constant stimulation.

Simeon and Anna came to know God.  And in knowing God, they came to experience the pathway to salvation.  It is not hard to imagine they are mystics.  They are the ones who day in and day out sought for the loving presence of their God.  As a result, they were shining examples of the way to holiness. They were the light that guides us to Jesus.  In teaching us to wait, Simeon and Anna teach us how to have a holy relationship with God and others.  they teach us patience.  They teach us the way to holiness that is God himself.

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