Presence of God: Past, Present & Future: Homily for Tuesday, December 19, 2017
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Readings for Today

Finding the presence of God in your life is important.  What helps is to think of past, present, and future.  Today’s readings provide some help in that regard.  As we look back to the Old Testament, we can see how the plan of salvation was revealed by God.  Today, we can seek to find how God is active today.  And it is also the case that we can find the promises from God of how God is active tomorrow.  This is really the season of Advent in a nutshell.

On a personal level, our life if faith is no different.  We look back in our lives to see where we have experienced and felt the presence of God.  We engage in a life of prayer and the sacraments so that we are better able to find the presence of God today.  And through both of these experiences, we can see how God will be active tomorrow, for God keeps promises.

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