Rejoice Always. Pray without ceasing. Know who you are. Homily for Sunday, December 17, 2017
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Readings for Today

Do you really know who you are? Or do you try to pretend you are someone other than you are? Do you try to convince others, and worse yet, yourself, that you are someone you are not? Probably all of us fall prey to this at some time in our life.  Maybe too many times. Worse yet is when we try to convince God we are someone other than the person God has created us to be.  At these times, we are really lost.

But today’s readings provide us an important antidote to such temptations.  As dark as the world can see sometimes, God’s light is strong.  We can see if we look.  Hope is a virtue.  And we receive this virtue of hope by being hopeful.  We have great reasons to hope.  God is faithful.  God keeps promises. So, be people of hope.  Rejoice always.  Be faithful to your relationship with God.  Pray without ceasing.  And don’t pretend.  Know who you are.

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